Women Entrepreneurs

More and more women are taking the reigns and opening up businesses across the nation. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook.com has created a revolution of women “Leaning In,” which has helped women want to empower themselves professionally, with many opting to finally follow their dreams and open their own companies. Many women entrepreneurs are the great minds behind many successful businesses, with all of them motivated at seeing their business succeed and grow.
Although men still are the majority when it comes to owning business, more a women are entering this niche and research shows that women are venturing out of the corporate world to launch their own business endeavors and will soon close the gap when it comes to the percentage of men versus women entrepreneurs.
Just as many men entrepreneurs want to be in charge of their own financial success, women think the same and want to have complete freedom on how they spend their time and with whom they spend it with. As an entrepreneur, they don’t have to worry about office politics or biases since they’re the ones that set the rules in their own company.
And what’s even more amazing is that these women have decided they want to do things their own way and are risking it all to do it. They’re funding these ventures out of their own pockets, in addition to looking outward for financial assistance to help them launch, grow and expand their efforts. For them, the satisfaction and happiness that comes with owning their own business far outweigh the challenges or risks. In a piece by the Huffington Post, it’s said that more than 85% of women entrepreneurs were satisfied with their new venture and life as an owner.
The women that have already stepped out on their own are examples and inspiration for other women who dream of doing the same thing one day. Many would love to follow their passion and create their own destiny, but fear of failure and risks hold many back, especially women who are more practical and not usually fond of taking chances (especially when a family is involved).
Women entrepreneurs have many advantages over their male counterparts, which is probably why so many of their business are successful. First they have the ability to network better. Women love to talk and mingle and this is key in business. Also, they’ve become social media mavens, allowing them to reach thousands of consumers around the world with unique products that really impact our everyday lives. Another useful trait that women entrepreneurs possess is intuition or a gut feeling that usually makes for great decisions. The ability to multitask is of utmost importance in business and women know how to do this perfectly.
Another big factor in the rise of more female entrepreneurs is the fact that the economy is growing and getting better, thus fueling the women to follow their passions. And Happy Rock Merchant Solutions is more than happy to support such bold and courageous female entrepreneurs and their business goals by giving them the funding the need to prosper.