Happy Rock Merchant Solutions joins the NAMAA

Happy Rock Merchant Solutions has most recently gained membership with the North American Merchant Advance Association – better known as the NAMAA. The NAMAA is a not-for-profit trade association in the USA and Canada. It represents financial institutions that provide working capital and cash advance products to independently-owned businesses. The funds provided are based on credit, debit, and electronic payment-related revenue streams and other assets.
The NAMAA’s primary function is to provide guidance and help to influence and shape the merchant cash advance industry through “leadership, education, and sharing information”. The NAMAA also promotes competition and efficiency throughout the industry by several methods, including providing education & professional development for their members as well as development of ethical standards and best practice guidelines for the industry.
Rick Geller, CEO of Happy Rock Merchant Solutions, has stated that “It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to join an association with a great team of board members and directors where information can be shared and the best business practices can be implemented”.
A merchant cash advance is a funding option for independently-owned businesses that need working capital. The merchant cash advance provider purchases the future credit and/or debit card receivables of the business and is repaid with a percentage from daily transactions. Merchant cash advances, unlike loans, are typically much faster to process, require no personal guarantee, no collateral, no fixed payment schedule, and has no use restrictions.
A merchant cash advance can be used for many business reasons. Whether you’re purchasing new equipment, expanding or remodeling, paying off debts or taxes, or doing some emergency funding, there are typically no limits to how this money is used.