Direct Lenders No Credit Check: Connecting Lenders with the Right Customers

When you’re just starting out as an ISO (independent sales organization), you’re likely spending a considerable amount of time learning the rules that come with having a network of businesses that can benefit from the services of other companies in your network. You’ve also probably found out that your ISO is not regulated by the government, which means that you may be able to help companies that wouldn’t get financial assistance otherwise. You can teach companies about credit cards, and give them tips on how to offer a company credit card. However, there are other financial tools that you can offer as well to help businesses with short-term cash flow issues. One of the best products you can offer is the MCA or merchant cash advance. MCAs fall in the direct lenders no credit check category and can offer a variety of loan increments for both small and large businesses. Your ISO may also be referred to as a member service provider (MSP) since your organization is contracted by a number of banks and credit card members to form new contracts with merchants. These are just some of the reasons that MCAs should be among the services you can provide.

In addition to offering direct lenders no credit check company information, you can also monitor the transactions of the business that are associated with credit cards. This will help you to form solid connections with the merchant, and you can charge a fee for your monitoring services. You can charge the merchant each month, or you can take a percentage of the company’s credit card sales according to your agreement with the company. If individuals or businesses in your network want to open credit cards, or a company wants to open a credit card processing account, your skills as an ISO will help these businesses complete the process with ease. It’s up to you to explain all the terms and rates that are associated with the credit card merchant account, and you can elaborate on the benefits that cardholders can take advantage of. When your merchant client finishes their loan or credit card application, you’ll need to submit the documents to an acquirer as part of the underwriting process.

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As you can see, these are very valuable services that you can provide to businesses that are looking for direct lenders no credit check. Of course, the MCA can be appealing to these companies as well, and the cash advance has several benefits. One of the main reasons that companies will likely be interested in the MCA is that there is no credit check required. This is best for companies that have had issues with their credit before and is also a great choice for businesses that are fairly new and don’t have an extensive history of credit. The MCA will assist these organizations in getting the funds that are necessary to pay for equipment or repay existing loans. Since credit is not a huge factor when it comes to approval, more companies will be eligible for a MCA than a traditional loan. Since these direct lenders, no credit check offers online applications in most cases, it will also be much quicker to get approved. This is a huge relief for those who need a huge amount of cash without having to wait weeks or months. Companies will need to have a credit score of no less than a 400 to boost their chances of approval. It may also be helpful to submit a summary of the company’s financial dealings and future goals since this can convince the MCA lender that the business will handle the cash advance responsibly.

With direct lenders no credit check like a MCA, there’s no requirement for collateral. This is great for companies that have to use expensive equipment to make their products or need specialty supplies to give customers the items they request. The equipment and supplies that companies use for production are necessary for the company to continue to make a profit, and if business owners don’t have the tools they need to deliver quality to their customers in a timely manner, this could affect sales significantly. With traditional loans, if the business can’t repay the loan in the time allotted, their equipment may be taken away, and they will still be required to come up with the money. This could lead to a company going out of business and spending years in debt, which means it could be next to impossible for some companies to rebuild. With a loan that doesn’t require collateral like the MCA, businesses can apply for the cash advance in the amount they need with the assurance of knowing that their equipment is safe and won’t be taken due to an inability to repay the loan.

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Another reason why you’ll want to offer direct lenders no credit check such as the merchant cash advance to businesses in your network is that the repayment process is easy. The company can simply arrange to have a small percentage of their credit or debit card sales taken from each transaction and repaid to the lender. Or, the money will be debited from the business’s bank account on a date that both the lender and company agree on. This will help the company organize its finance in a way that won’t put them in debt with other creditors, and provides the peace of mind of knowing that the loan is being consistently repaid, which could be a good reflection on the company’s credit.

It’s up to you to make the MCA approval and lending process as easy as possible for both MCA lenders and businesses that are in need of financial assistance. In many instances, you are the main point of contact for both entities, so you’ll need to make sure you’re giving accurate and clear information to all parties. After you see that these transactions are going well, you can count on getting referrals from these businesses, which means you’ll have a new service that will make your ISO even more reliable. Talk to your financial team about connecting with direct lenders no credit check today.