Merchant Cash Advance: The Best way to Get Direct Lender Loans in 2017

Are you a business owner who is looking to take his/her business to new heights by taking direct lender loans from Merchant Cash Advance companies which are known to be faster, more transparent and better? Then you need to understand what the process of Merchant Cash Advance is and how it works.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance is the process by which business owners such as you come together because of Independent Sales Organizations and lenders to form a binding contract after negotiating with both sides. After the contract is signed upon the terms on which both the lender and the debtor agree upon, the complete loan amount is transferred in a lump-sum to the business owner through the Independent Sales Organization.

The whole process till the dispatch can take anywhere from twenty-four hours to a couple of days. After this, in just a few weeks, the repayment begins. The repayment happens through the pre-agreed upon a portion of the business owner’s’ credit card sales. Each time the business owner makes a sale, the small portion of his income is deducted by the Independent Sales Organization, along with his/her fees and is sent to the lender. This process is repeated until the complete loan amount is transferred to the lender along with the agreed upon interest.

The advantages of these direct lender loans help the business owners much better than banks in the following ways:

  •    Speed: In the business world, time is money. This is a concept that banks do not understand but Merchant Cash Advance does. And so, the whole process is created in such a way that the process can finish as fast as it can. So as to save you time and hence help you work better.
  •   No reservations:  While you are working with Merchant Cash Advance, there aren’t any reservations, which are put upon you throughout the process.  So there are no restrictions on how you can spend your money and your requirements are given much more priority than you would in banks.
  •    No collateral: There are no collateral requirements with Merchant Cash Advance, and so you can spend the money without losing your home.  And not just that, even if you do possess a bad credit history, you will still be eligible for direct lender loans with Merchant Cash Advance even if the interest rates put upon you are increased. So, what is the best method to get Merchant Cash Advance for you?

Direct lender loans with ISOs

Independent Sales Organizations even though work as intermediates between the lender and the debtor. They have started to become lenders of Merchant Cash Advance themselves. This helps the business owners remove paying extra to the lender and only pay single fees to the Independent Sales Organizations.

Following that, working with Independent Sales Organizations as your Merchant Cash Advance sellers increase the speed of the process several times over and really helps you get your loan from a much more credible lender than Independent lenders.

And so you should opt for Independent Sales Organizations as your direct lender loans with Merchant Cash Advance.